About Nelson Outdoor Power

Dennis  has been selling and servicing outdoor power equipment in southwest Iowa for nearly two decades. In 1999 Jeffrey and his wife Carrie purchased the former Short Line Cafe building in Treynor and moved the “Denny’s Repair” operation off of the farm and into town. At that time adding Cub Cadet and Echo to Dennis’ already existing product offering of Toro, Lawnboy, Briggs and Stratton and others.

Our focus is on customer service and premium quality product; it is what sets us apart from the competition. No box store can offer the knowledge, experience, service, and product mix that we offer. If you are looking at a Cub Cadet at a box or farm and home store, ask them where to get the unit serviced and they will tell you Nelson Outdoor Power. Ask them if the box or farm and home store pickup and deliver, they don’t, WE DO.

Our finished goods are sold at competitive prices vs. the box store competition. We sell the lower price point items as well as other premium models that are not available at the box stores. A challenge is getting people to understand they get what they pay for. There is a significant difference in quality between a $1500 lawn tractor and a $3500 lawn tractor, we can explain those differences and we have the product offering and financing available to fine tune to the customer’s needs. People shouldn’t settle for becoming a statistic at a box or chain store, customers deserve better than that, and we can provide the service and quality to make a difference.